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The Curious Incident of the Barely-literate Mother

Well, Tallahassee isn’t known for its Nobel Laureates, so it’s not surprising that an ignorant, hypersensitive Baptist woman would try to make choices for an entire school district based on her own deeply-ingrained religious phobias.

The Tallahassee Democrat story, in short, notes that pressure from a handful of parents — whose combined cranial capacity probably amounts to a handful — got The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time pulled from the Lincoln high school summer reading list. A woman named Sue Gee is featured as a principal instigator.

The Democrat story calls Mrs. Gee a “teacher.” That’s stretching it a bit. A quick look on LinkedIn shows her to be the Minister of Preschoolers & Children  (preschoolers aren’t children?) at Immanuel Baptist Church, a tidy little enclave of roughly 2,000 deeply troubled souls — and oddly enough, one of ten such Baptist churches clustered within a 1-mile radius, just northeast of the town center. This is Ground Zero for corn-pone credulity and feeble-mindedness, hiding beneath a mask of “faith.”

Never Mind that this Book Has Won Countless Awards -- It's Got Cuss Words In It!
Never Mind that this Book Has Won Countless Awards — It’s Got Cuss Words In It!

Before we descend into the maelstrom, it is worth noting that Mark Haddon’s book has won the 2004 Boeke Prize, the 2003 Whitbread Book of the Year award,  the 2004 Alex Awards, which “honor the 10 top adult books with appeal for adolescents,” the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, the Book Trust teenage fiction award, and was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize. To-date, it has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

A quote sums up the situation in all its piteous ignorance:

“The foul language and the religious skepticism alarmed Sue Gee, former teacher and a mother of an incoming Lincoln eleventh-grader.
‘I am not interested in having books banned,’ Gee said. ‘But to have that language and to take the name of Christ in vain – I don’t go for that. As a Christian, and as a female, I was offended. Kids don’t have to be reading that type of thing!’ “

I don’t care that Sue Gee is a stupefied, obtuse bint. I care very much that she and others like her are able to make public policy of any kind.

Which is why Ms. O'Donnell (and her limited grasp of the First Amendment) never got elected to Any Office. Yay!
Which is why Ms. O’Donnell (and her limited grasp of the First Amendment) never got elected to Any Office. Yay!