About Me

I’m female, tall (5′ 9″), and pretty much pure white, like an albino — except for my blue eyes. White, white skin, and (naturally) white hair.


I’m what you’d call a “Cultural Jew.” I’m a full-throttle Atheist whose closest family members are Russian and Hungarian Jews. I think the god of the Torah makes Hannibal Lecter look like Little Bo Peep,

I am the LORD. Now, go kill all the Amalekites!
I am the LORD. Now, go kill all the Amalekites!

Yet, I admire Jewish tradition, their language(s), their food, their music, their respect for animals, their capacity for survival and triumph in the face of overwhelming odds, and the fact that Jews have been at the forefront of most social revolutions.

Chesed: Loving-kindness in All Things.

I support Israel and think that the BDS movement currently infesting US campuses will go down in history as a great cause of collective shame:

I’ve always been a scientist and a skeptic — even when I was a wee slip of a child, I grew exasperated with children who thought their teddy bears were alive (hey, I never said I was tactful).

It's Just a Plush Toy, honey.
It’s Just a Plush Toy, honey.

I started in Chemistry, but ended up in Applied Mathematics (specifically Fluid Mechanics).


I have a passion for Math that is only equalled by my unbridled lust for Jake Gyllenhaal (Jewish, brilliant, tall, and available!)

All beefcakey on the
All beefcakey on the “Price of Persia” set. I can’t even …

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