I Want to Advocate for Animals, but with Smarter Role-Models


Vapid, vapid, vapid and making things up.

Watch Ellie go on a  Holiday from Logic at 0:32, when she claims that Biscuit (to my eye, either a Yorkshire or a Landrace pig) has been Created By Evil Scientists by “taking the DNA of the wild pig and genetically engineering it.”

The fact of the matter is that commercial white pigs (Yorkshire, Landrace, Chester White, etc.) are products of selective breeding, not genetic manipulation.

Exempli gratia: The Yorkshire pig was developed starting in 1761 (way before genetic engineering was even an idea) by Robert Bakewell, using local hogs in his home county of Leicestershire, while …
the Chester White was first developed around 1815-1818, using strains of large, white pigs common to the Northeast U.S. and a white boar imported from Bedfordshire county, England.

Don’t mistake me. Factory farming is flat-out evil. Animals don’t exist for our amusement, or to be our slaves, or so that some gluttonous eejit can wolf down a McKrinkleburger with Bacon and Cheese.

Nom nom. His name was Bob, and he's soooo tasty!
Nom nom. His name was Bob, and he’s soooo tasty!

BUT — Making Shit Up to elicit an Emotional Response isn’t the way to go, either.

At best, Ms. Laks is guilty of really quite stunning ignorance, and that in no way helps the cause.


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