The Transference Of Fear

Like a lot of skeptics, I’m a True Detective fan.

One point of abject amazement for those of us paid to think critically is the phenomenon of fundamentalism (of any flavor). What occurs in someone’s head, that allows them to abandon logic and reason only in specific situations (e.g., a tent revival)?



Rustin Cohle: What’s it say about life, hmm? You gotta get together, tell yourself stories that violate every law of the universe just to get through the goddamn day? Nah. What’s that say about your reality, Marty?
Transference of fear and self-loathing to an authoritarian vessel. It’s catharsis. He absorbs their dread with his narrative. Because of this, he’s effective in proportion to the amount of certainty he can project. Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways in the brain. Dulls critical thinking. quality=90

For me, the shedding of fear and self-loathing is as simple as

a 1000-calorie sweatfest at Barry’s Bootcamp.

It feels great, and it’s doctrine-free!


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