Sunday Fun: Math, and 45 Shopping Days Left …

A little something to work the grey cells:
“The ARML (American Regions Math League) Power Contest is truly a unique competition in which a team of students is judged on its ability to discover a pattern, express the pattern in precise mathematical language, and provide a logical proof of its conjectures. Just as a team of students can be self-directed to solve each problem set, a teacher, math team coach, or math circle leader could take these ideas and questions and lead students into problem solving and mathematical discovery.

This book contains thirty-seven interesting and engaging problem sets presented at ARML Power Contests from 1994 to 2013. They are generally extensions of the high school mathematics classroom and often connect two remote areas of mathematics. Additionally, they provide meaningful problem situations for both the novice and the veteran mathlete.”


And now for something completely different ..
“The Redneck Plunger” — a featured item in The Lakeside Collection® catalog. I wonder about the people who think this is a fun Christmas gift …



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